About Meena

About Meena

I love taking an everyday woman and photographing her as if she were in a magazine

I am a premium branding photographer, helping female business owners who want to look good, feel good; stand out from the competition, and show up with a confident online presence. Saving my clients stress and time when they have a ready-made bank of on-brand professional photographs designed just for them; to use across all marketing and social platforms. 

I spend some time getting to know you, your business and together plan and create a relaxed and fun branding shoot experience; to capture engaging on-brand images to use across all marketing platforms. Investment in brand photography is just that, an investment that will pay you back in terms of higher levels of confidence, self-worth, pride in your business, boost your visibility. Using my signature style of personal branding photography; will blow your brand out of the water! 

 Featured in shutterturf's top portrait photographers in London 


Click here to book an informal chat; I would love to help you grow your business.


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