Top Tips for a great Headshot session

24 Nov 2020


I recommend that we get clear on your needs for your headshot session. Why do you need these headshots?  If you’re an actor, your pictures will be different from corporate or social media profiles.


It is a good idea to bring a range of options, choose carefully. Generally, you want to wear items that you would favour the impression you are trying to make.  Consider the fit and shape of the clothing, slim-fitting to show off feminine lines. Shirts, t-shirts and jackets,  with interesting necklines, are always safe. Warmer, earthier colours, darker greys, greens, burgundy, and navy colours tend to work best.   Stay away from distracting logos, patterns and images. When selecting, please bear in mind we may only change 2 or 3 times into the best options.


Depending on the time of year, bring a jacket or cardigan to keep warm.  You may consider layering clothes, since you may end up changing in public!


Eat well, drink plenty of water. You want to look healthy and energised, starving yourself will only make you look tired. Have a good breakfast/ lunch, depending on the time of your shoot.


Sleep well. Get a good nights sleep before the shoot, if you can, sleep well for at least a week. I can reduce eye-bags in editing but, you want to look fresh, bright and full of energy to capture the best of your personality. 


Don't take the risk and have your hair cut or coloured the day before the shoot.   Give it time to settle in and learn how to style it to look its best. Be aware of how your hair feels and styles between washes. If you wash it the morning of the shoot, it might be too soft to style, wash too far ahead, it could look greasy. Only you will know what suits your hair.

Bring a hairbrush with you,  be prepared to change your parting for a couple of different looks, if you like. Bring grips, hairbands, for a hair up option if you so choose.


 For headshots,  it is best to keep makeup fairly minimal, natural and subtle. You are the expert when it comes to your face. A bit of gloss or balm to keep your lips from drying out is helpful and maybe a striking colour to pop on at the end if you want to capture something a little sassier.   Make sure to do your hair and makeup before the session, to save eating away at our precious time together!


Ok, if you are, most are at first. We will start by having a good chat to make sure that we are both clear about what it is that you want from the session. You might have some images saved, such as a Pinterest board that you would like to try. If you have a favourite play-list we can put that on to help relax too

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