What to Bring For a Branding Shoot

07 Mar 2021

The most frequently asked question when people are planning personal branding photography is, what should I wear? What should I bring?
During our initial consultation, we start to get to know each other, discuss goals, their brand identity marketing ideas and how I can help them.

The more information I have about my client's brand, values and intentions make planning the shoot unique and more powerful.
For instance, If a client wants to build brand awareness and is marketing with Facebook; because she is aware that this is where her ideal customer hangs out. Knowing that people scroll through fast, it's crucial to create images that make them stop the scrolling!!

When choosing what clothes to wear, plan the wardrobe to catch the attention of the ideal customer. We want potential clients to resonate and feel drawn to us. One way to do this is to use your brand colours to draw your customer in and create contrast; using Facebook as an example, its blue branding stands out, as does red, bright yellow, bright colours generally.

Solid colours photograph well, as do textures and layers. Aim for a range of looks from casual to dressy if it's on-brand for you.
Bring between three to four outfits per hour. Your clothes need to be on hangers, ironed and ready to go.
These are general guidelines; you will get custom advice based on the answers given in the questionnaire.

Props add another dimension to the shoot, select items that help create more content and align with your brand goals and message. A Location can last the full shoot time, generally changing outfits every ten to fifteen minutes. Props may only have to be in the photoshoot for moments before we move on.

Prop Examples: favourite mug/cup, a pen with your brand colours, pictures of your children, a meditation bell etc. Plan in advance, make a list before the shoot.

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